Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the wiki

Q: How can I become a wiki user?

In order to become a wiki user, you need to register using the following link:

Please use your professional email address if possible. This makes it easier for us to distinguish valid registration requests from spam.

After this registration, you will be added to the list of wiki contributors. This is a manual process, so do not expect it to be done instantaneously...

As a first step in your new life as a RT-UQ contributor, we invite you to add your name & affiliation in the Users list page.

Q: What is the point of becoming a wiki user?

The RT-UQ wiki is a collaborative website.

Becoming a wiki user will allow you to contribute to this website by editing some of its pages (see below) and thus share useful and relevant information with the community.

Q: How do I edit a page of the wiki?


Q: Which pages can I edit as a wiki user?

The following pages are writable by all wiki contributors:

Questions about the mailing list

Q: What is the name of the RT-UQ mailing list?


Q: How do I subscribe to the list?

A: Follow the link: subscribe.

Q: How do I send a message to the list?

A: Simply send an email as you to this address, as you would send any other email.

Please do not send an email asking us to forward your message to the list. Write directly the message that you want other people (mailing list subscribers) to read.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the list?

A: Follow the link: unsubscribe.

How can I advertise... ?

A: Postdoc positions can be advertised

We encourage you to subscribe to the (low-traffic) mailing list if you are interested in the activities of RT-UQ, but this is not required if you simply want to post an announcement.

Similarly to postdoc positions (see above), PhD positions can be advertised both on the wiki and through the mailing list.